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StubHub Reveals The NBA's Hottest Selling Ticket


The NBA had, what many are calling, the greatest offseason ever.

At least three new NBA "super-teams" cropped up, while many others re-tooled for a long post-season run. With all the excitement, one would think the NBA's hottest selling tickets would belong to a team that has at least two All-Stars.

But Los Angeles has proven everyone wrong... yet again.

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In a chat with NBC Sports, StubHub revealed that the Lakers had the highest number of ticket sales for the upcoming season. Second place was the Knicks, followed by the Celtics, Warriors, and Sixers.

Despite the Lakers going through a heavy rebuild, they somehow still remain atop the Thunder, Cavs, and even Warriors. As one of the league's most popular teams, the Los Angeles Lakers prove once again that high-markets will always reign supreme.

With that being said, however, there are other reasons why the Lakers are selling so good. With Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram on the verge of a breakout year, excitement and optimism is higher than ever before. Not to mention events like Kobe Bryant's jersey retirement game, which is listed as the hottest selling ticket of the season, with the average price in the range of 600 dollars.

The "wow-factor" is still alive and well in Los Angeles. No matter how bad this season may turn out, they can't say Laker Nation didn't have their back. The only question for the star-driven franchise now is whether or not they can live up to all the hype.