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Steve Kerr Subtly Roasts LeBron After Comparing Kobe And Jordan


The debate over who is the NBA's greatest player is one that has raged on since the NBA has been around, and even though most consider Michael Jordan to be the undisputed greatest of all time, there are a few fans out there who believe players such as Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant are the greatest players to ever lace them up.

The most intense and volatile comparison between players usually revolves around MJ and LeBron, as older fans cannot fathom a player could take over Michael Jordan as the GOAT, whereas newer fans are adamant James is the greatest all-around player ever.

Golden State Warriors coach and former teammate of Jordan Steve Kerr has weighed in on the debate, and has seemed to throw a bit of shade James' way in doing so.

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Kerr believes Kobe Bryant is the closest thing we've seen to MJ since MJ himself.

Whether you believe Kerr is taking a jab at LeBron with these comments is up to personal interpretation. Is Kerr comparing Kobe's and Jordan's games and how visually similar they are, as well as how both were almost unstoppable iso scorers? Or does Kerr consider Bryant 1-B to Jordan's 1-A?

If it is the latter reason, you can't blame Kerr at all. The Warriors' head coach has played beside Michael for multiple seasons, so if he says someone is as close as they come to MJ himself, the man knows what he's talking about.

Not to mention, LeBron has been a thorn in Kerr's side ever since he became coach of the Warriors, as Kerr has faced LeBron in the Finals every single year the three-point marksman has been in charge of Golden State, losing out to James and the Cavs in 2016.