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Steve Kerr Roasted The NBA And James Harden In A Tweet He Later Deleted


It seems the Golden State Warriors' Kevin Durant has been giving his head coach some not-so-helpful advice when it comes to burner accounts on Twitter.

During the game between the Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs on Thursday night, MVP candidate James Harden was doing James Harden things only a couple of days removed from his insane 60-point triple-double against the Orlando Magic. With under 2 minutes and 30 seconds to play in the fourth quarter of the game, Harden gave LaMarcus Aldridge the business, performing one of his signature stepback threes.

Even though it wasn't called, it looks like Harden traveled on the stepback, and in a game where the Spurs weren't that far behind, a turnover there could've been crucial in shifting momentum in their favor.

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Well, Warriors coach Steve Kerr also saw the travel, and whether accidental or on purpose, blasted Harden and the league for their failure to uphold the rules.

Further proving that it was a mistake, Kerr later deleted the Tweet, but obviously, fans screenshotted it before it was taken down, and it soon went viral.

Perhaps Kerr isn't keen on facing Harden and his patented stepback -- which refs sometimes give the benefit of the doubt to -- in the playoffs this year? Whatever the case, Steve needs to take some lessons on keeping his official Twitter account and his burner completely separate.