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Steve Kerr On The Stephen Curry Effect: "My Wife’s Going To Be Even Better Looking Than She Already Is."


Great shooters have an undeniable ability to change the flow of the offense with a single shot. Defenders will draw to the shooter, guys will be left open, and the spacing on the floor will be immensely improved.

Being the greatest shooter ever, Stephen Curry's effect as a shooter is probably all of that times 10. That's not really a secret to anyone, especially Warriors head coach, Steve Kerr.

When speaking about his PG's return, and the impact he has on the floor, the enthusiastic coach gave some pretty... exaggerated examples of just the kind of influence Steph can create for his team.

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No doubt Kerr was being a bit hyperbolic and even sarcastic in his approach here, but still, Curry's insane effect cannot be understated.

The ability to create for others spread the offense, collapse the defense... making food taste better than it was before. Steph, he has that impact.