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Stephen Jackson Reveals One Glaring Difference Between Jordan, Kobe, And LeBron


In a recent dialogue with Swish Daily, former NBA star Stephen Jackson revealed an interesting argument regarding the much-debated placement of Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Michael Jordan amongst the greatest players ever:

That year Jordan won MVP, All-Star MVP, DPOY (259 steals), the Scoring Title (35 PPG while also scoring over 400 more points than the second place player, Dominique Wilkins), and was averaging 6 assists per game. Also, he was #1 in Player Efficiency Rating at 31.7 (3.9 better than second place Larry Bird), was #1 in Minutes Per Game (40), best plus minus, best value over replacement, and was #1 in 3 out of the 4 win share categories. Oh, and last but not least, he was First Team All-NBA and First Team All-Defense. Michael Jordan's ability in his early prime was literally unbelievable.

As Jackson kindly states here, Michael Jordan won the DPOY while leading the league in scoring, averaging 35/6/6 while playing 40 minutes per game. Both The Mamba and The King have done plenty of other things no star has been able to do. But have we ever seen a season like that from any of them?

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So while the Kobe, MJ, Bron debate is far from over, the well-roundedness of MJ's game is truly one to behold and will be part of the reason he'll be so hard to surpass.