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Stephen Jackson: "I Smoked My Whole Career, Had A Hell Of A Career."


When it comes to banned substances in the NBA, only one really gets any pushback: Marijuanna.

While some couldn't care less, there are many who think it should be removed from the banned list entirely. Former NBA star Stephen Jackson not only shares those beliefs but has actually admitted that he smoked his "whole career."

“I think they should take it off, why not?” Jackson told TMZ Sports in regards to legalizing Marijuanna in the NBA. "I smoked my whole career, had a hell of a career.”

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It's hard to gauge how substance usage effected that career, but he definitely had a tenure most average players couldn't dream of. Additionally, he claims the plant did not hinder his performance at all while adding he only smoked after games to calm him down.

The suggestion to take Marijuana off the banned substance list is nothing new. The league has faced countless battles on that front. Nobody really knows how close the NBA is to actually change it, either.