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Stephen Curry will likely sign with the Golden State Warriors this summer

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Stephen Curry is a free agent this summer, but it's almost February and we didn't see any buzz about him and other teams than Warriors.

He has 44-million contract and this is his final season. Other 29 teams can offer him a max contract worth $133 million over four years, but the Warriors can offer him a max contract, five-year deal worth over $209 million.

Tim Kawakami, a journalist of the Mercury News, asked Curry on Saturday if he could see himself leaving the Warriors when he becomes a free agent this summer, the point guard responded:

“I can’t,” Curry said. “Like I’ve said from Day 1 when I was first asked about free agency, this is a perfect place to play. Bay Area fans are amazing, our organization’s amazing, we’ve put together an amazing team that’s competing for championships every year.

“There’s really no reason that I can see right now that would draw me elsewhere.

“And we’ll see what happens. But that’s kind of a great position to be in and one that allows me to just focus on just playing good basketball this year and winning a championship and letting the rest of that handle itself.”

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It's not all about money for Stephen Curry, because he recently said:

“One thing my pops always told me is you never count another man’s money. It’s what you’ve got and how you take care of it. And if I’m complaining about $44 million over four years, then I’ve got other issues in my life.”

To be honest, I really can't see Curry with another team, even with Charlotte Hornets.

Golden State Warriors have amazing home court, one of the best fans in the NBA, and they have the best starting lineup in the league. Last year they lost against LeBron James, but this year we will probably watch back-to-back-to-back Finals between Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers.


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