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Stephen Curry Subtly Roasts LeBron James And His Fans With His Activity On Instagram


In the age of social media, more and more players -- even entire team Twitter accounts -- are using the internet to take shots at their opponents, sometimes directly, and other times, not-so-directly.

Steph Curry -- a player you wouldn't think would be into the social media trash-talking thing like other players are (ahem, we're looking at you Embiid) -- has decided to take the subtle route to insult LeBron James and his fans.

Curry, who has been lighting the league up ever since his return from an ankle injury, has elected to not comment, but rather like a post insulting LeBron James fan's undying loyalty to their favorite basketball player.

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As you can see from the images above, an Instagram account by the name of 'warriorstalk' posted a screenshot of a LeBron James tweet which says "Man I just had the GREATEST Thai massage of all time!! Got me feeling like a slinky. Straight up!!"

A reply to James' tweet, from someone calling themselves 'LeReal Goat' -- obviously a LBJ fan -- says "I wish I could give you a massage."

Disregarding the questionable reply, it shows Steph Curry's Instagram account as one of the people to have liked the post, which indicates Curry agrees that LeBron James fans are some weird characters, to say the least.

Are LeBron fans weird? Who knows, some of them are, but that can be said for any player's fanbase. Is Steph petty for liking such a post? That's up to you to decide.