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Stephen A. Smith: NBA Stars, Including LeBron James, Don't Want Steph To Be The Face Of The NBA

Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

It seems that drama around the NBA always picks up around the postseason, doesn't it?

Stephen A. Smith is known for his antics on ESPN's First Take, making outrageous claims and hot takes seemingly every week. But only a few of you may know that Stephen A. also runs his own radio show, which is surprisingly very popular apparently, with Smith acting like a completely different character, in terms of outrageousness.

During the second hour of one of his most recent shows, SAS explains how numerous NBA stars, including the Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James, don't feel as though Steph Curry has earnt the right to be called the face of the NBA, and many resent him for it.

"There is a reason Lebron James is so openly complimentary of Kevin Durant, if he has to lose or share the mantle he wants it to be with KD; he will never share it with Steph. Other players in the NBA dont want it to be Curry either" - Stephen A. Smith

Now, coming out of SAS' mouth, you wouldn't be blamed if you didn't believe it at first, but this story has been reported by multiple outlets since Curry's meteoric rise to the top echelon of the NBA.

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According to Smith, there are a few reasons why many NBA stars dislike Curry, one of the main ones being that Curry didn't have to go through the adverse situations that other top players have gone through. This is of course based on the fact that Curry was born into an NBA family, his father Dell Curry playing for multiple teams in the 90's and early 2000's, and didn't have to deal with the hardships that other players such as LeBron had to go through to realize their NBA dreams.

Also, remember when LeBron didn't want to acknowledge Cleveland vs. Golden State as a legitimate rivalry? Apparently, Stephen A. says that LeBron chose his words very carefully that day, as he was sure he didn't want to hype up the dominance of the Golden State Warriors, and especially Stephen Curry.

On top of that, many stars despise how Curry has become the media's 'Golden Boy' all of a sudden out of nowhere, hating the way he is protected by the mainstream media, and rarely ridiculed like other stars such as Russell Westbrook and Chris Paul.

Speaking of Chris Paul, he is one player in particular who really hates Curry, again, for a number of reasons.

Many pin the root of CP3's dislike of Steph down to the fact that many felt within the Clippers organization that it was their turn to rule the West for the next few years before Curry and the Warriors rolled up onto the scene in 2015. Add onto that the fact that Steph has taken the mantle as the best PG in the West away from Paul, not only stealing team success from him, but also personal glory, and you have a pretty strong case that Paul could care less about Steph.

In any case, these statements are only rumors, even if they have been picking up traction as of late. Anyway, we better hope they are just rumors, because if players within the NBA aren't feeling the friendliest towards Curry, those feelings are going to become a lot stronger if the Golden State Warriors can continue this stretch of dominance they have put together over the past 3 seasons.