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Steph Curry Roasts Reporter After Spitting Incorrect Information About Curry


It's gotta be hard facing the media day-in and day-out when you're a two-time MVP, especially one as heavily critizised as Stephen Curry.

The more popular you are in the league, the harder questions you get asked at post-game pressers, as you're considered solely responsible for your team's success and failures.

But on the rare occasion, players manage to have fun with the media, and that's exactly what Curry did after the Golden State Warriors' 109-105 victory over the Boston Celtics.

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During the post-game presser, a reporter asked Steph how he felt about setting an NBA record after making at least five three-pointers in five straight games. In reality, however, Curry hadn't actually set the record yet, and needed to hit five threes in his next game to set the record -- which he actually already owned. The reporter who asked the question was promptly corrected by someone else in the room, and Steph decided to have a little fun with the red-faced journalist.

That reporter should be thanking his lucky stars he was asking Steph Curry questions and messed up instead of someone like Draymond Green, Russell Westbrook or DeMarcus Cousins who would have gone IN on the reporter.

But hey, when you're 40-10 and on your way to a fourth consecutive NBA Finals appearance, you can afford to mess around a little with the media.