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Steph Curry Comments On Rumors Of Tension Between LeBron James And Kyrie Irving


Golden State Warriors star point guard Steph Curry is usually a very quiet and respectable person when it comes to interviews with the media, but the two-time MVP has finally come out and had his say on the rumors surrounding the Cleveland Cavaliers organization.

While almost no one expected Kyrie Irving to request a trade away from LeBron and Cleveland, Curry said he's come to expect anything in the NBA offseason year to year, according to the Associated Press (h/t

"I don't know the ins and outs of what conversations are going on. It's obviously surprising, but at the end of [the] day nothing's really surprising when it comes to storylines and things like that from year to year. It's just kind of the nature of the beast. I'm sure if something does happen I'll be able to talk about it more, but right now he's still on Cleveland's team."

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Most of the NBA has stayed relatively quiet regarding the Cleveland-Kyrie troubles, and that's especially true for Curry and the Golden State Warriors, up until now of course.

And why would they? The entire Warriors' franchise has proven again and again that they are above this sort of discussion, calmly going through the offseason as they retool for another championship run.