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Steph Curry Chooses This Season's MVP, And It Isn't LeBron James

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Multiple players -- both active and former -- have been asked this year who the NBA MVP should be this season, and we can now add two-time MVP Steph Curry to the long list.

The likes of Chris Bosh, Allen Iverson, and even LeBron James himself have all been asked who should win the MVP award at the end of the season, with most answers either falling in the James Harden or LeBron James camp -- including LeBron voting for himself.

But in an appearance on CBS Sports with Bill Reiter, Curry let everyone know who his MVP is this year. Unsurprisingly, it wasn't LeBron.

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"You know, every year, there are storylines you can gravitate towards, for the MVP race and whatnot, and obviously this year, you got James [Harden], who's been leading the charge all year... I think he's probably the leader in the clubhouse when it comes to the vote."

Curry also gave props to Anthony Davis and even LeBron, but said if injuries weren't a factor, some of Steph's Golden State teammates would also be in the conversation, namely Kevin Durant.