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Steph Curry Arrives To Pistons Game Wearing One Of The Weirdest Halloween Costumes Ever


When it comes to having fun and enjoying yourself in the NBA, none do it better than Golden State Warriors point guard Steph Curry.

From his three-point celebrations to his post-game press conferences, Curry always seems like he's just happy to be where he is in the NBA, minus a few mouthguard-throwing incidents.

The sharpshooter has continued the trend this Halloween, rocking up to Golden State's game against the Detroit Pistons on a tricycle dressed in a very peculiar costume.

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Unbeknownst to the rest of us, Curry decided to celebrate Halloween two days early by dressing up as Saw's Jigsaw puppet, even going as far as riding into the game on the trademark tricycle with the movie's signature theme playing on a portable speaker, and it looks about as ridiculous as you may have imagined.

Just the sight of a two-time NBA MVP riding up to the game on a tiny tricycle, his legs spinning furiously to move at walking pace is downright hilarious, and to top it all off, the metal detector at the end of the video goes off when Steph passes through it. Perfect.

We can only hope a few more NBA stars take notice and come up with their own ridiculous Halloween costumes on Tuesday to rival Curry's.