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Source: People Close To LeBron James Expect One Special Veteran Superstar To Join The Cavaliers

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

The Chicago Bulls made no efforts to hide their stink. After their Rondo/Wade/Butler experiment failed, they decided to hit the reset button completely. Veteran All-Star Jimmy Butler was moved to Minnesota in a draft day trade. Rajon Rondo left the team to bolt to New Orleans. Basically, every member of their star core was let go this summer.

Well, everyone except Dwyane Wade, who remains as much a Bull as he was a year ago. For some reason, he and the team have yet to come to terms on a buyout after he opted into his new contract (before the Butler trade). Things wouldn't be so bad if the Bulls weren't so deep in a rebuild, but Dwyane Wade has no place on a team that's trying to start over.

A buyout is in store, and apparently, the Cleveland Cavaliers are a legitimate option. On the Wine and Talk Podcast,'s Joe Vardon reported some pretty exciting news for Cavs fans:

"As of right now, people close to James are fairly confident that, at some point this year, Dwyane Wade is going to end up on the Cavs"

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After a pretty rough summer of trade rumors and turmoil, this has to be welcome news for Cleveland. After spending 4 years in Miami together, LeBron and Wade earned 2 Championships and made 4 consecutive Finals appearances. Serving as one of the best two-way tandems in the league at the time, Wade is still widely regarded as LeBron's best teammate.

Even at the ripe old age of 35, Wade would still be a valuable player for the Cavs. While he alone wouldn't make up for a Kyrie Irving departure, it'd be a nice start. Who knows, maybe the 2-time champ could even convince Kyrie Irving to stick around.

Despite the timing of this potential buyout being up in the air, he already appears to have one foot out of the door. As reported earlier this week, Wade moved his kids away from class in Chicago to attend school in South Florida.

The Cavaliers may be in the midst of a bad summer, but Wade could make all the difference if he chooses to play there. Not only would he give himself another chance to win, but the team would instantly garner instant fame.

Dwyane Wade, the decision is ultimately yours.