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Source: Lakers "Frustrated" Lonzo Ball Can't Stand Up To His Father


We all knew the price of drafting Lonzo Ball in the 2018 NBA Draft. For better or worse, it meant having to deal with LaVar.

The Lakers, at first, were pretty adamant in their belief that LaVar wouldn't be a problem. A few months in, however, and the Lakers must be questioning if they took on a little more than they could handle.

After spewing public criticisms of head coach Luke Walton, it began a whirlwind of drama both in the team locker room and in the media. It doesn't help either when you consider LaVar's previous track record of trashing those who go against his name, brand, family, or plan.

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It's getting pretty bad, to the point where the team is even starting to look at Lonzo. According to Bleacher Report’s Rich Bucher, the franchise is frustrated he can't stand up to his outspoken Father.

“They are frustrated that he can’t stand up to his dad, but they really like him,” a source tells Bucher.

Sources also told Bucher that they believe Lonzo could stop it all, if he only told the media to ignore his Dad all together, or even spoke to his dad about calming down.

Whether you believe the guy is innocent or guilty, these recent events indicate some serious issues arising in the Laker locker room. LaVar may be committed to his cause, but it comes at the detriment of those around him -- including Lonzo.