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Source: Kyrie Threatened To Sit Out If The Cavs Didn't Trade Him


Something was going on in that locker room.

Somehow, the young star who helped transform a franchise suddenly detaches and demands a trade after making three straight trips to the NBA Finals.

Sure, Kyrie Irving may not be the easiest guy to understand. He may not be the easiest to play with either. But for a star like that, who has never been known for starting trouble, to suddenly start a whole whirlwind of trouble? It just doesn't make sense.

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Here's what we know, according to reports and sources since the incident started months ago: Kyrie Irving wanted to be the #1 guy, was tired of playing on LeBron's shadow. The Cavs, no matter how good they might've been (or promised they would be), couldn't convince Kyrie to stay. In fact, a new report by Joe Vardon of claims that the star PG was even ready to fight back had the team attempted to stand their ground on keeping him:

Irving's desire and request to leave the Cavs last summer are well documented. Wanting to leave LeBron James' shadow and the culture James dominated in Cleveland, upset that former general manager David Griffin was gone and miffed that the Cavs considered trading him to Indiana for Paul George, Irving asked owner Dan Gilbert to trade him.

Gilbert didn't have to honor the request, though, as Irving had two years left on his contract. But according to multiple sources, Irving threatened to sit out the season and have surgery on his knee, convincing Gilbert and Cleveland's front office that the relationship was not salvageable.

And with that news, the bitter reality of the Cavaliers is now public. Dan Gilbert, and basically everyone inside the front-office, are losing control of their once prominent team.

Things were a whole lot worse than they appeared back then... and that was when the team was still winning ball games at a championship level. Now, with the roster tearing itself apart, and losing games in the process, it seems the direction of the team will only continue its downward spiral.

LeBron James has a reputation for cleaning up messes. As more news and reports continue to expose the subject, however, it's becoming increasingly probable to think that this mess is one that even LeBron James himself won't be able to fix.