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Sixers Wreck Portland En-route To 10th Win Of Season


The Philadelphia 76es are obvisouly not competing for a title this season.

But tonight in Portland, they definitely looked like that kind of team.

Behind Joel Embiid's 28(pts) and 12(reb), the Sixers were able to run away with the game early, literally starting the game on a 14-0 run.

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For the Blazers, it was their fourth loss in the last 10 games, just good enough to keep them in the early playoff picture. The 76ers, meanwhile, have won their second straight, further cementing their legitimacy as an Eastern Conference playoff team.

It's still pretty early to exaggerate team performance so far. Still, though, it's hard to argue that the "process" has not looked fantastic out of the gate. With so many story lines going along with the 2017-18 campaign, Philadelphia basketball is at the front and center of it all, with the whole world watching as their biggest stars make their voices heard.

Tonight was just another example of what's to come.