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Shocking But True: WNBA Has More Fans In Its 21st Season Than The NBA Had In Its 21st Season


When talking about professional basketball, no league does it better than the NBA.

Sure, there are euro leagues around the world, and others American inventions that attempt to spice up their version of the game, but the National Basketball Association has always been number one when it comes to basketball.

But even the NBA struggled to gain the publics interest at one point. In the beginning, the game was slow, boring, and pretty hard to watch. But with rule changes and the appearance of superstars, the league eventually gained traction to become what it is today.

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As for the WNBA, most folks forget it exists until it somehow comes up. The WNBA has actually been around for over 20 years now, yet nobody seems to care that it exists. Surely a league as unpopular as that will never be taken seriously, right?

Well, that's where we should slow down. While the WNBA seems does seem in the gutter right now, it actually did better in its 21st season (2016/17) than the NBA during its 21st season.

According to the WNBA’s press release on Wednesday, in their 21st regular season, teams averaged 7,716 fans per game. The league also recorded its highest total attendance at 1,574,078.he NBA’s 21st regular season was in 1966-67, and according to the league, its ten teams averaged 6,631 fans per game that year.

In comparison, the NBA’s 21st regular season (1966-67), according to the league, saw its ten teams average 6,631 fans per game that year.

So if you think the WNBA has already failed, think again. Obviously, it's much easier for the world to keep up with sports now than back in the 60s. But even still, the stat proves that the WNBA isn't doing quite as bad as everyone thought.