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Shannon Sharpe: "I'll Take Paul George, I'll Take Curious George, I'll Take Boy George Over Isaiah Thomas."


As we bear witness to the Cavs' collapse, one big question arises: where did it go wrong?

When Kyrie Irving demanded his trade over the summer, there wasn't a whole lot the Cavaliers could do. He had to go, everyone knew that. But regarding where exactly he'd end up, well, that was in the Cavs hands.

They had a myriad of options as the trade rumors spiced up. They could've gotten some of the biggest names in the NBA, had they wanted to. Alas, however, the team elected to go a different route. They traded Kyrie to Boston, to get Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, and the 2018 Brooklyn Nets pick in return. While many praised the deal at the time, the decision may actually be something the Cavs are starting to regret.

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To pick I.T. and a draft pick over a guy like Paul George or Carmelo Anthony? That's got to sting, with everything that;s transpired now. And if you ask Shannon Sharpe, that mistake could haunt the Cavs for years to come.

In his morning show, Undisputed, Sharpe criticized the Cavaliers for blowing the Kyrie Irving trade, and even blamed Isaiah Thomas for some of the team's struggles: "I'll take Paul George, I'll take Curious George, I'll take Boy George over Isaiah Thomas..." Have a listen to the segment:


It's never fair to pin all the blame on one man. After all, basketball is a team sport. Still, it's hard not to say I.T. doesn't hold at least some of the blame. His shooting has been mediocre, his defense has been abysmal (as usual), and he has been no help in the locker room (with reports claiming he led the charge against Kevin Love).

No matter which way you slice it, it's obvious that Cleveland basketball is just a mess right now. And Isaiah Thomas? He could be part of the problem...