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Serial LeBron Hater Skip Bayless Still Hates On James After 57-Point Performance Vs. Wizards

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I'm quite convinced Skip Bayless is employed purely to troll and get a rise out of people, no matter how stupid he looks doing it.

Bayless is a well-known LeBron James hater, finding any angle possible to discredit LBJ's achievements wherever he can -- even going as far as using Gordon Hayward's gruesome injury to do it -- and Skip has predictably done it again after LeBron's terrific 57-point night against the Washington Wizards.

The man scored fifty-seven points -- the highest scoring output of the season so far mind you -- to lead his team to victory after a string of disappointing losses, and Skip finds literally the one thing to criticize James about.

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No matter the various ways James picked apart the Wizards' defense like he was going up against ninth graders, shooting multiple fadeaway jumpers like it was nothing, let's zero in on the fact he shot two air-balls late in the game after playing 43 minutes!

It comes as no surprise though Bayless is using such a monumental performance in LeBron's career to throw shade at him, as it's what his done his entire career. Even from James' rookie season, Bayless was in opposition of the amount of hype LeBron was receiving straight out of high school and told everyone he'd never live up to it. Well, 15 years later, how well did that hot take work out for you Skip?

We can only imagine the tirade Bayless is going to go on when he appears on TV next for Undisputed.