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Scottie Pippen's Latest Comments May Have Gone A Bit Too Far


For as good as Scottie Pippen was on the basketball floor, he really has no clue just how awful he sounds off of it.

We all know about Pippen's declaration a few years ago, when he hailed LeBron James as a better all-around basketball player than Michael Jordan. Most would soundly disagree with that hot-take, but it makes it even worse considering Scottie played with the man for years in Chicago. Worse still, he has yet to lighten up on those comments, recently making them known yet again.

Now, with the Bulls' legend's latest comments, he may have crossed a line nobody thought possible. In a story reported by TMZ, the Chicago forward had this to say about comparisons to himself and LeBron James:

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"LeBron ain’t better than me until he gets 6 titles.”

In other words, Pippen still believes he's better than LeBron James -- a notion that is absolute blasphemy. While championships are important, they shouldn't be the sole basis for determining the status of a certain star. Whether Scottie was trolling us all, or believes every word, it surely has us all scratching our heads.