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Russell Westbrook Set To Receive Record Shattering Contract

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

It looks like the MVP is about to receive a massive payday.

When Russell Westbrook signed his contract extension in 2016, it was on a promise that he would continue to fight. The city, devoted by the departure of Kevin Durant, was going through a rough withdrawal. For years, they had enjoyed success like they never had before. A trip to the NBA Finals, multiple trips to the Western Conference Finals and basically being a major contender every year definitely gave OKC fans plenty of satisfaction.

Once KD left for Golden State, everything they had build was in jeopardy. It's like the franchise took two big steps back. As long as they had Russ on board though, there was still that beam of hope. In 2016 he did that, and he might do it again on record setting terms.

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Reports indicate that the superstar is likely to get offered a super-max deal of $220 million over 5 years. If that is truly the case, and Westbrook accepts it, he would quickly become the highest paid player in NBA history. He would be granted an extra $75 million for choosing to stay in OKC.

While the number is pretty mind shattering, the 2017 MVP deserves every penny. Coming off a career year and still being at the beginning of his prime likely means that his record setting performances could get even better.

So, while OKC's plan is to pursue some prime free agents this summer, they have one priority above all else: keep Russell Westbrook. And, obviously, they're willing to pay the highest price to make sure that happens.