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Russell Westbrook Burns KD In The Most Epic Way Possible


Fact one: Contract extensions are a symbol of loyalty between a star and the franchise.

Fact two: Russell Westbrook was offered this very same extension months ago, and only now decided to act on it.

Fact three: He signed it on September 29th - Kevin Durant's birthday.

Looking at those facts can only draw you to one conclusion: Russ used his contract extension to make a statement against Kevin Durant.

I mean, think about it. Russell Westbrook had literally all summer to sign his contract extension (the same exact one he signed a few hours ago) but chooses to sign it on Sep. 19th, of all days?

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No doubt, this move by Russ wasn't meer coincidence.

When Kevin Durant left Oklahoma City, it came with a lot of drama and controversy. Not only did KD leave his old team in the dust, but he left them for the team that beat them, who also happened to be, arguably, one of the greatest teams of all-time.

A guy like Russell Westbrook doesn't forget about that type of thing. All year long, there seemed to be a growing tension between the two stars, as hyped up fans willfully cheered for their side of the feud.

While a lot of that has quieted down recently, everybody knew things were never going to be the same between the two. This latest move by Westbrook proves that very thing.

So yeah, Russ announced he was staying loyal to OKC on KD's birthday. It may not be the most damaging thing ever, but it was definitely a hard (and extremely entertaining) poke at Durant.