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Russell Westbrook Becomes The New Face Of Jordan With Huge New Shoe Deal


Russell Westbrook has had one hell of a year. Winning the MVP trophy, leading his team into the playoffs, and earning the attention and love from fans everywhere are just some of the things Russ has accomplished this year.

But the league isn't the only one to recognize his amazing feats. Thanks to a huge new deal, Russ has become the new face of the Jordan brand. Russ' new 10-year extension with Jordan is the most lucrative deal in brand history, ESPN's Nick DePaula reports.

The extension comes after his current contract with the brand was set to expire next fall. With this new, record breaking contract in hand, Russ will stay a Jordan athlete through the 2025/26 season.

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Westbrook has never had a signature shoe, but that's going to change very soon.

And while Westbrook has yet to sign his extension with the Thunder, this latest move could be a sign that he intends to dominate this league for many years to come.