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Rudy Gobert Brings Up Old Beef With Isaiah Thomas After Cavs-Celtics Trade


Now-Cleveland Cavaliers guard Isaiah Thomas was a major factor in recruiting free agent Gordon Hayward away from the Jazz and to the Celtics before being traded this offseason.

Thomas even sent out a now infamous tweet showing how many championships the Heat (the third team in contention for Hayward), Celtics, and Jazz had won using just emojis back in July.


Now that it's August, it's obvious to see IT's recruiting worked, as Hayward is now a member of the Boston Celtics, signing with them on July 4. Unfortunately for Thomas though, he won't get to spend a single minute on the same team as Gordon after being traded to the Cavaliers for Kyrie Irving.

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That's where Rudy Gobert reenters into the equation, and it seems the Frenchman has quite the memory.

Gobert, who was a little less than pleased that Gordon had decided to sign with Boston, took it upon himself to troll the former Celtic point guard for recruiting his former Jazz teammate. Rudy retweeted the emoji tweet Thomas sent out in the beginning of July.


Sports fans are ruthless on Twitter, and definitely won't let you forget anything you've tweeted in the past if your situation suddenly changes, just like how fans dug up an old Isaiah Thomas tweet dissing LeBron back in 2010.

Does Thomas look like the type of player to care? To me, not in the slightest. The 60th pick of the 2011 draft has just been traded to an NBA title contender. With that being said, I'm sure IT can't wait for the Cavs to match up with the Jazz next season.