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Rudy Gobert Absolutely Roasted Enes Kanter On Twitter After Kanter Posts Picture Of Himself


It seems that Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert isn't a huge Kobe Bryant fan after this latest exchange with Enes Kanter on Twitter this week.

After the New York Knicks 108-92 loss to the Philadelphia 76ers on Monday night, Enes Kanter -- who posted 17 points and 13 rebounds in the loss -- tweeted out a picture of him driving to the hoop over all five members of the 76ers, ultimately resulting in his shot getting swatted.

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Gobert, who actually used to play alongside Kanter in Utah before he was traded to Oklahoma City, decided to stir the pot a little bit, and beat one of the most active NBA players on Twitter at his own game: roasting fellow players.


Kanter, after only a few minutes, thought up a quick-witted response, bringing Kobe's name into the conversation.

Hopefully, this exchange was just a friendly bit of banter between two former teammates, and Gobert meant no ill-will towards Kanter. Regardless of his intentions though, you can't deny that Rudy was spot-on -- Kanter should've definitely been passing the ball out to a shooter in that scenario.