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Ron Artest reveals whether MJ, Kobe or LeBron was the toughest to defend


Metta World Peace is one of the best defenders in NBA History, and through his career, he played against the best scorers in the world like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady, Kevin Durant, Allen Iverson and LeBron James.

This week, World Peace sat down with Chris Broussard on the "In The Zone" basketball podcast on FOX Sports and he talked (and gave some insights) about Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

On LeBron James


"And then I would say LeBron, I had some good nights against LeBron defensively. ...

"The thing about LeBron is he's very unselfish, right? So he can pass the ball. When I guard LeBron, I used to always want him to shoot, but he would just make the right play.

"He's legendary for making the right play, and it's really hard to guard when you're a team player. And then at the end of the game, he's finishing with the win. His teammates are happy, he's being aggressive, he's passing the ball.

"And now he's even a better player. LeBron, he was real unique in where some of the other All-Stars, they would always try to take it personal, and go at me. I forced them into misses all night. They just miss 'em all night.

"But LeBron was unique, where he would just make the easy pass."

On Kobe Bryant

AFP AFP/Getty Images

AFP AFP/Getty Images

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"Me and Kobe had some nice days. I love Kobe, man.

"Kobe talks a lot. Kobe's fearless. Absolutely. He loves the game too much. You have to take his life to take that game from him. At that point, he really would die for the game.

"And we had great practices where we were competing against each other. Most of the time, we were on the same team because we were the starters, but sometimes Kobe would go on the other team [in practice].

"Me and Kobe, we were very, very physical in practice. ... Kobe was just amazing. I wasn't successful enough against Kobe." 

On Michael Jordan

NBAE NBAE/Getty Images

NBAE NBAE/Getty Images

"Jordan was strong. He was stronger than Kobe — not by that much, but definitely stronger than Kobe.

"They had similar moves, obviously. Kobe was more, he had more of that streetball in him. Kobe had more of the streetball with the fundamentals. Jordan, I think he was just all fundamentals and just get right to the point. Jordan would get right to the point.

"When I guarded Jordan at the end of his career, he was tough. So I measure that against the guys that I guarded in their prime. For me, I think Jordan was the toughest, even as an older player. He was tougher as an older player than some of these guys in their prime."

Credit: Fox Sports

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