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Ricky Rubio Looks Like A Different Man After Changing Up Look In Twitter Post


It's always weird to see a player move from a team they've been on for years in a new jersey.

All you need to do is look at Chris Paul back in 2011 or LeBron James in 2010 as proof.

However, it's even more strange when a player moves teams and pairs that with changing up their personal appearance completely. Case in point, Ricky Rubio.

The Spanish point guard, who was recently acquired by the Utah Jazz, has recently posted a picture of himself playing for his national Spanish team, and he looks completely unrecognizable.

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Who would've thought the baby-faced Rubio could grow a beard like that.

Apart from the beard, Ricky has also grown out his hair, and gotten some new ink on his right arm, a tattoo of a lion.


Ricky went from "Hello Sir, it's nice to finally meet you" to "Ya daughter calls me daddy too."


Rubio is hoping to improve upon his performances from last season, where he averaged career-highs in both points (11.1) and assists (9.1).