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Rick Carlisle Rips ESPN For Story On LaVar And Luke Walton


In case you've missed it, LaVar Ball attacked Laker head coach Luke Walton and his coaching style with the Lakers, saying the players no longer want to play for him.

The story caught national headlines and put Walton in the crossfire of rumor, gossip, and criticism.

Well, Mavericks head coach (and head of NBA Coaches Association) Rick Carlisle decided to speak out about the whole thing, going after ESPN for even printing the story at all.

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"Printing an article where the father of an NBA player has an opinion that's printed as anything like legitimate erodes trust. It erodes the trust that we've built with ESPN. Our coaches are upset because Luke Walton does not deserve that. "

Although Walton's job appears safe at the moment, the whole situation doesn't do too well for his reputation as a coach. And, like it or not, Carlisle does have a point in his argument. Had it been any other NBA Father, it wouldn't get nearly the same amount of attention.

But as tensions begin to flare between LaVar and the Lakers front-office, it forces us to ask: how much more could this go on?