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Richard Jefferson Speaks On LeBron's Upcoming Free Agency

(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Just because nobody knows where LeBron James plans to sign this summer, doesn't mean everyone isn't always constantly trying to figure it out. Cleveland, Miami, Los Angeles and even Houston have all been named possible destinations for the high-value superstar.

While many of those guesses have come with valid arguments, we're left in the dark as to what exactly we should be expecting.

And, interestingly enough, comments from LeBron's former teammate Richard Jefferson haven't exactly made things an easier. When asked about The King's impending free agency this summer, Jefferson neither confirmed nor denied to ESPN's Dave McMenamin whether any of the rumors floating around on the subject had any grounds. Rather, he attacked the very notion of the public even pushing the subject and challenged us all to just leave the topic alone completely.

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"It’s an easy storyline for you guys to write, but at the end of the day, no one knew he was going to Miami, no one knew he was coming back here and he’s allowed to be a free agent. He’s allowed to be a free agent. Just like teams are allowed to trade players. So to put pressure on him to make him in a spot where, ‘Oh the team doesn’t want to (keep him)…’ look he’s allowed to be a free agent. No different than you guys are allowed to change jobs if you guys want to or you guys are allowed to change locations if you want. Yes there’s a lot of attention on him, but to ask that question and you have other teams putting up billboards. Not teams, but people doing that stuff. That stuff is part of the world we live in. But that doesn’t fall on him. He’s a Cav and everyone here knows 1,000 percent that he’s 100 percent committed to whatever game or team he’s on. He’ll address it with his family when the season is over. I don’t know, no one knows, people can guess, everyone wants to now throw these shots in the dark. ‘Oh he’s going to go here, he’s going to do this. He played junior high hockey with this person so maybe he’ll go play in Minnesota.' Shut up. No one knows. No one knows."

He is right about one thing: No one knows and no one can know unless LeBron himself. All the speculation, all the rumors, they could all be for nothing if James ends up staying, or he goes to a team nobody anticipated. Maybe it's time we stop all the guessing games and wait until July for an answer. But was Jefferson right to say that we shouldn't be concerned with it at all?

In a strange and interesting twist, Jefferson doesn't ask "where" in regards to King James and his next destination. Rather, he asks "why." Why do we care? In his humble opinion, we probably shouldn't.