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Return To Play For The NBA: Will This Season Be Cancelled As A Result Of COVID-19?

Return To Play For The NBA: Will This Season Be Cancelled As A Result Of COVID-19?

COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it at this time as over a quarter of the world’s population is now in some form of lockdown. But as the news of rising cases in the US spreads around the world, all eyes are on the President and his team to see how they are dealing with the outbreak.

In this article, we will be looking into whether or not the NBA 2020 season will be able to continue in 2020.

The COVID-19 Outbreak In The US

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the majority of the world at this time, it has wreaked havoc on not only the everyday life of a quarter of the world’s population but also major sporting events around the world. With an alarming rate of cases in the United States, it has since overtaken China is not only the number of cases but the number of deaths.

This has therefore led to a majority of residents in the country being isolated in their homes and kept off the streets to prevent the spread. With people confined to their homes on the advice of the leading health officials, usual sporting events have also had to be canceled.

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The Outlook From Trump

Despite having the highest number of cases in the world at this time, President Trump is looking overly positive. With the president hoping to have people protected and back at work as quickly as possible his approach to containing the virus could be seen as aggressive. However, to others in the world, this optimism seems to be unrealistic. When it comes to the potential of the NBA returning to play, he said in a phone call he wants fans back in the arenas as soon as possible.

In a conference call with leading sports commissioner, Donald Trump says that he believes that the NFL season should start on time in September. It is important to be realistic at this time, this is the message that the NBA is giving in response to whether or not they will be returning to the court this season since its postponement in March. Though there are several virtual sporting events and NBA betting odds surrounding the season, this is by no means a replacement for the real thing.

Lack Of Communication

This comes as a direct response to the lack of communication between chief medical officials and sporting events organizers. Though there have been several phone calls between the President and the head of the NBA, there have been no health care officials present within the call. This frustration and lack of communication have been felt by many around the United States and has led to a vast amount of uproar regarding lack of testing and other key problems.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said to those on the call with President Trump that the would love to lead the way in reopening sport to the US public, but this will not be done until they are given the all-clear by chief medical officials.

The Affect Of Uncertainty

It is this ongoing uncertainty that has led to many wondering whether or not the NBA season will continue at all in 2020. This comes as several leagues in the UK, Spain and France have been either permanently canceled until next year or have been postponed until further notice. As the number of cases continues to rise in the US, it is looking unlikely that they will return to the court in 2020. Despite this, there are still several meetings taking place to discuss the future of the league and thinking of contingency plans to enable the continuation of the league as soon as the number of cases begins to plateau.

In many phone calls and tweets on the subject, the President has stated that the US way of life was not made for a complete shutdown. In this, he has also stated that the country will return to some form of normalcy very soon, as long as it is safe.
Whether you are a fan of the NBA or the NFL, this time of uncertainty is affecting every part of the US sporting industry which is being felt around the world. But will they return to the court in the near future or will you have to wait until 2021?