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Report: Warriors Owner Considered Offering Key Superstar Less Than The Max This Summer


News flash: Stephen Curry is one of the best point guards in the NBA, a two-time MVP, and the most important player of the Golden State Warriors (yes, more important than that 6'9" forward named Kevin Durant).

Obviously, it was a no-brainer to bring him back this summer on a max-contrct deal worth over $200 million dollars.

But things could have turned out very different had Warriors owner Joe Lacob offered a different contract.

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According to Marcus Thompson II of The Athletic, Warriors GM Bob Myers kept Lacob from bring a reduced offer to the negotiating table.

It is not known how much less Lacob would have offered the two-time MVP point guard, but it would have been a huge slap in the face to Curry.

Having been with the Warriors since 2009, Curry revolutionized the game and brought the Warriors to Championship contention by 2014. With him at the helm, the Dubs eventually became the elite force they are today. Up until this year, he was being severely underpaid compared to what he ws actually worth.

So for Lacob to even think about offering Curry anything less than the max really speaks volumes to how much the organization is spending on their stars. Between Curry, Durant, Klay, and Green, something may have to give if those stars want to get paid.

But, at least for now, they won't have to worry about their superstar point guard going anywhere else.