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Report: Tyronn Lue To Consider Starting Kevin Love At Center


A few weeks ago, a report was circulating that Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue was planning to keep things the same as last year, electing to keep the starting rotation intact.

Now, however, something seems to have changed.

Rather than keep Tristan Thompson as the team's starting Center, as Lue alluded to at the start of training camp, Thompson may be coming off the bench, with Jae Crowder and Kevin Love being the starting bigs (in a report by's Joe Vardon).

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When asked about the change to Center, Love responded with this:

"We did a lot of that last training camp, but as far as how the sets are put together right now throughout training camp I am seeing a pretty significant amount of time there. Depends on -- now with so many guys on the team and so many lineups that we can throw out there it will probably change."

Obviously, with as many changes as the team has gone through this summer, the team will have to be open to trying out new things. Luckily for them, with the pre-season starting up, now is the perfect time to try just that.

Time will tell whether or not Love will thrive at the 5. But the Cavs need him more than ever, and he'll need to produce at a high level if they want to reign supreme atop the East.