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Report: Tyronn Lue Advised Cavaliers to Keep Kyrie Irving Before They Traded Him To Boston


Half-way into the 207/18 campaign, and things are beggining to settle down. The current potisions of teams isn't likely to change a whole lot for the rest of the season.

Currently, in the East, the Celtics and Cavs have once again cemented themselves as leaders of the pack, proving their dominance over the rest of the conference. But imagine how different things would be if both teams never made their big point-guard trade swap over the summer.

According to sources, Tyronn Lue would have rather had it that way, at least before the trade finally happened.

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Via Dave McMenamin, Lue based his opinion on the Los Angeles Lakers' denial of Kobe Bryant's trade request in 2007, which allowed the sides to work things out. Had the Lakers traded Kobe when he asked them to, history wouldn't look same for both parties involved.

The whole Kyrie Irving situation could have been handled in much the same way, as the superstar guard was still under contract with the team. Nevertheless, things didn't turn out all bad for the Cavs. They got Isaiah Thomas, made room for Dwyane Wade, and were able to come together under a rejuvenated LeBron James. Plus, they are sitting near the top of the standings, even after their slow start.

But, if nothing else, Lue's perspective on the infamous trade deal proves that not everyone was sold on the idea of giving up Uncle Drew.