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Report: The San Antonio Spurs Are Getting A New Logo


Logos are one of the most important parts of a sports franchise. They are integral to the branding of a team, and if done correctly, can be instantly recognizable. Just ask the Celtics, Lakers and Bulls. Is it a coincidence that the three most successful franchises in the NBA have rarely, if ever, rebranded?

When a team does introduce a new logo, it is mostly always because the team wants to generate more revenue by releasing new merchandise for their fans to buy, and that's exactly what the San Antonio Spurs seem to be doing, announcing a new alternate logo for next season.

The Spurs have always been a more traditional team, both on and off the court, so the announcement of a modernized logo is very strange, especially when you consider the fact that the Spurs were one of the last teams to develop a logo revolving around a basketball. The logo hasn't been recieved as well as the Spurs may have hoped for, with many bashing the logo for it's simplistic design.

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Many have also likened it to the Clippers now-infamous logo, a team which Spurs free agent target Chris Paul currently plays for. Sign of things to come?