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Report: The Cavs Have Received Offers For Kyrie Irving From Six NBA Teams


With the 2016/2017 season over now, and the Free Agency period pretty much ended, this should be the quiet period for NBA basketball. Things should be slow, news should be scarce.

But this summer, that just hasn't been the case. And we have Kyrie Irving to thank for that.

Since it was made public that he requested a trade out of Cleveland, his name has been connected to more trade rumors in that past week than most stars see in a whole season.

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At first, it seems like every team wants a piece of Kyrie. But right now, according to RealGM, only six teams have made an official offer at this point.

The Spurs, Clippers, Suns, Timberwolves, Knicks, and Heat are the only teams to take a real shot at Kyrie right now. When you consider how valuable Irving is, that number is pretty shocking.

Nevertheless, most of the six teams are the ones that Kyrie chose when he named where he wanted to go. Only the Clippers and Suns have made offers while knowing they’re not on Kyrie’s list of favorite destinations.

Where he will end up is anyone's guess. But so far, it appears the Cavaliers are being patient and playing the field before taking any offer. The details of each offer aren’t fully known and we don’t know how much the Cavs like any of the deals, but the team is in no rush to deal their star point guard, at least not yet.

For Cavs fans, that’s got to offer some level of comfort, despite all the chaos surrounding the team right now.