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Report: The Cavaliers Could Be Up For Sale Before 2020


NBA teams have a lot of different parts to them. It's not just the players and the coach that make everything run. The guys in the front office and the owners who work behind the scenes also make big impacts on the success of their teams.

With that being said, the impact that owner makes isn't always a positive one. In the case of the Cleveland Cavaliers, that's the brutal reality they have to face with team majority owner Dan Gilbert.

Although he's probably not the worst one out there, his poor choice of words and decision making have only ever spelled disaster for his team. When LeBron James left back in 2010, his ill-worded letter practically ruined the team's reputation.

Even when LeBron came back, Gilbert's poor management was still rearing its ugly head. That was seen when he chose to let GM David Griffin go for no reason at all.

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But now, it seems Gilbert's interest in the team is waning drastically. He's reportedly getting closer to selling the team. Via a report by Joe Vardon of

He could sell the team, and while a team spokesman said there has been no thought given to a sale, sources outside the organization suspect Gilbert to consider selling within the next few years.

With Kyrie gone and LeBron likely to follow, the Cavs are headed down a devastating path. Does anybody really want to be a part of that?

And even though Gilbert made a promise to keep the Cavs in Cleveland, he could still sell the team to a person dedicated to the same promise.

In short, people close to the situation seem convinced that Dan Gilbert would at least consider selling his share of the franchise. Which means that the Cavs may have another departure on their hands.