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Report: The 76ers Could Trade Their #3 Overall Pick


For the Philadelphia 76ers, it hasn't been easy to "trust the process." Tanking seasons to acquire draft picks has given them plenty of young talent, but it hasn't been easy for player to commit to such a losing mindset for the sake of draft picks. According to reports within the 76ers organization, however, the team may not even have their draft pick before draft day begins.

Reports indicate that the 76ers are open to trading their #3 overall pick this summer if the right deal comes in place. While the 76ers reason for seeking trade offers for the pick is unknown, it certainly goes against everything they've been working towards the last couple of years.

Are they not confident in this years' draft prospects? Do they think they can get an amazing deal for the pick, with more than a talented young player? Or, maybe they are just desperate for some veteran star power heading into a brand new season.

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Either way, it seems clear that Philly will be busy this summer. Rumors have it, they've already made an offer to Sacramento.


The deal would involve Jahlil Okafor, the #3 pick, one young Kings player, and almost surely the Kings' number 5 pick. Another possible deal could involve the Knicks. If they're desperate enough to move up in the draft, they might could serve up a decent deal to Philly.

With 15 days remaining until the 2017 NBA Draft, the clock is ticking for teams to make a move. And if the price is right, the 76ers may just be one of those teams. Is it still time to "trust the process?"