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Report: Steph Curry Was Open To Taking Paycut To Stay With Warriors


The Golden State Warriors are the best team in basketball right now, that's just an undeniable fact.

A team consisting of four All-Stars in the form of Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green SHOULD be winning titles year in and year out.

It also helps when all four of them are as unselfish as they come.

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Heading into the 2017 offseason, the Warriors faced their first major roster challenge since their dominant run began back in 2015. They had drafted 3 All-Stars by themselves and signed the 2014 MVP to a nice deal due to how dominant they had become. But now their two major stars, Curry and Durant, were due for new deals, and both players easily deserved the max. Not to mention they also needed to resign big bench roles in the form of Shaun Livingston and Andre Iguodala.

But of course, none of these guys would let money come in between them and continued success.

Durant took a discounted deal so the Dubs could resign Livingston and Iggy, and now it's become apparent that two-time MVP Steph Curry also spoke to GM Bob Myers about taking less money than he was worth.

Even though Curry did eventually get paid big time, and deservedly so, it seems everyone on the Warriors roster values winning over how much money they're earning year to year. And that can only mean more championships on the horizon.