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Report: Patrick Beverley To Miss Rest Of Season


After starting off strong, the Clippers' seaosn has taken a straight nose-dive.

An eight game winning streak was bad enough, but now, after losing Patrick Beverley, their success season is seemingly very limited.

The L.A. point guard is supposedly missing the rest of the 2017-18 season with a microfracture and meniscus injury to his right knee, which will require surgery, Adrian Wojnarowski reports.

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As one of the team's best defenders and hustle players, the loss is a huge blow to a Clippers team facing some real bad luck right now. After the departure of Chris Paul, the Clippers weren't sure what type of team they were going to be. That wavering identity is making itself known, as the team is really struggling to find theirs right now.

The season is still young, and anything can happen. But for the Los Angeles Clippers, the 2017-18 campaign has ended before it really got a chance to begin.