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Report: One Daring Team Attempted To Make A Run At Signing Dwyane Wade


With the new season quickly closing in, NBA star Dwyane Wade is probably the last prize of the summer.

Things in Chicago never worked out, as the Bulls decided to move in a new direction. With young pieces and draft picks, Chicago elected to start over, and D-Wade had no place in the rebuild.

So when it was announced on Monday that the Bulls and Wade had reached a buyout agreement, it was the last chance for a lot of teams to add one more star vet before training camp. And, not surprisingly, a number of teams were calling up his reps in hope of a contract.

As we know now, he'd already pretty much chosen the Cavs by the time his buyout agreement was reached, deciding to reunite with LeBron James in Cleveland. But along Cleveland, Wade was also drawing interest from Miami, Oklahoma City, and even San Antonio.

But, according to Hoops Hype's Alex Kennedy, there's one other team that boldly reached out to Wade and his reps on Monday: the Golden State Warriors.

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Having an already super stacked roster, the Warriors picked up some key acquisitions in Nick Young and Omri Caspi this summer. Those guys coming off the bench, along with Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston, to come in after stars Klay Thompson, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and Draymond Green, the Warriors may have assembled the best team ever. They look practically unbeatable on paper.

Despite that, they still tried to acquire yet another stud in Dwyane Wade. Granted, talks never went too far, as Dwyane doesn't look to have been too interested.

The Warriors, judging by their active summer, do not seem to be shy about wanting to stack their team with stars. When will it stop?

No, it's not wrong to have an ambitious attitude, and, yes, teams should always seek to improve their roster. But at this point, trying to acquire more stars could be considered unnecessary, unfair, or just plain wrong. The lopsided games, the predictable ending, it's all due to this Warriors team dominating the NBA at a level we've never seen before. And if the Warriors continue to add stars, the league may have to consider stepping in before things spiral out of control.

Thankfully, D-Wade was not swayed by the lure of Golden State. Rather than join forces with KD and Steph in Oakland, the 33-year-old star will be on the other side, attempting to fight through them on the way to his fourth Championship.

The question now: do the Cavs have enough? Even with Dwyane Wade, Cleveland will have its hands full trying to deal with the Warriors, especially if they keep making moves.