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Report: Odds 'Not Great' For Paul George Remaining In OKC


Anybody that wanted to trade for Paul George knew they were taking a huge risk. If they happened to trade for him, there was a chance that he'd leave after just one season.

Not many teams were willing to risk their assets on a one year rent for Paul George. The Oklahoma City Thunder, however, was not one of those teams.

Even though they made a great deal, the Thunder still gave up some good pieces for Paul George. And if he were to leave in 2018, it would be a huge blow to the organization.

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According to Thunder Beat writer Royce Young, that nightmare is very likely to become reality.

When asked about the probability of the Thunder keeping PG13 after next season, Young provided some very bleak news for OKC fans:

“Not great, I don’t think that they’re great. Everyone is well-aware that he wants to come to Los Angeles. He’s got eyes on the Lakers."

It's no secret that Paul George wants to win. He's made that fact known to everyone around the league. But he's also made known his desire to play for the Lakers. It's up to George to decide which desire is stronger.

But if the Lakers lure in another star and increase their chances of winning, how could PG say no to that? According to Royce, chances are already slim of him staying in town, and unless something changes, he'll probably be heading to Los Angeles. It seems that with each passing minute, George grows one step closer to wearing the Purple and Gold.