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Report: Luke Walton's Job May Be At Risk After Meeting With Magic Johnson


It's not even 10 games into the season and they may already be changes in the pipeline for the Los Angeles Lakers.

These changes may reportedly be starting with the coaching staff, as according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, Luke Walton met with team president Magic Johnson prior to the Lakers' game against the Dallas Mavericks this week and was told off by Magic for the Lakers disappointing start to this season, and that LA needed to "significantly improve" if he wanted to keep his job.

"In a meeting on Tuesday, following a winless two-game trip, Los Angeles Lakerspresident Magic Johnson admonished coach Luke Walton for the team's sluggish start to the season, league sources told ESPN."

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Before the start of this season, Magic made sure to communicate that he'd be giving Walton a lot of leeway to continue to develop the Lakers' young core regardless of their start to the season, even with LeBron James now on the roster, but Magic's priorities have now obviously changed.

"Despite Johnson's prior proclamations of needing to allow time for Walton to develop a young roster surrounding four-time MVP LeBron James, evidence is mounting that Walton's job security ultimately depends upon his ability to significantly improve upon a 3-5 record to start the season."

Regardless of what Johnson has said to the media, it's obvious that he's starting to sweat, and wants the Lakers to win right away.