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Report: Lonzo Ball Prepared To Leave Los Angeles If The Lakers Don't Sign LaMelo And LiAngelo


Man, the NBA just hasn't bene the same without LaVar Ball's weekly antics!

But don't worry, he's wasn't gone too long. After having a quiet couple of weeks, LaVar has returned once again to spark some controversy, and this time it's against the very team he tried so hard to get his son to join.

On Monday, Ball shockingly declared that if the Lakers don’t sign his two younger sons (LiAngelo and LeMelo), then Lonzo will leave the team in two years’ time. It remains unclear if the outspoken Father consulted with Lonzo before issuing the ultimatum, but it's not hard to imagine this scenario playing in that exact fashion.

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To make matters worse, nobody knows exactly how good the other Ball brothers will be. Most seem to agree that LaMelo could be something big. But LiAngelo? The kid wasn't drawing attention from anybody, even before his Chinese shoplifting days.

Additionally, it can't be good for the Lakers to have loyalty doubts about their superstar point-guard before he's done with his rookie year.

In short, it seems as if Lavar is intent on making a mess of the Lakers. Where do they go from here? Can they really just ignore LaVar?

While Los Angeles does have other young promising pieces, Lonzo appears to have the potential of a life-long franchise changing point guard. if he leaves, the team takes several steps back. So if there's even a chance this story is true, L.A. sure has a lot to think about in these next couple of months.