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Report: LeBron To Meet With A Very Special Former Teammate This Week


Something may be brewing in Cleveland...

After weeks of turmoil, the Cavaliers have been on the verge of collapse. Kyrie Irving is traded to Boston, Kevin Love has disappeared, and front office mayhem has made sure the direction of the franchise is staying in a negative direction.

To make matters worse, LeBron James could become a Free Agent next year, allowing him to leave the Cavs again.

But an upcoming between King James and a former teammate could change everything. Who's that teammate? Dwyane Wade.

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Ever since their union in Miami, there's been a strong connection between the two. Not only was there chemistry on the court, but the two practically became best friends off of it.

And now, according to Wade (via TMZ), the two have a meeting planned later this week.

"We text each other," Wade said about LeBron. but when we asked if he was gonna join him next season he told us, "I'm gonna join him at dinner this week somewhere."

So the two have indeed been keeping in touch. But when we asked if he was actually gonna join him next season, the star told TMZ: "I'm gonna join him at dinner this week somewhere."

Things may seem somber and strange in the Land right now. But fans should find some comfort knowing something very special could be in the works.