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Report: LeBron James Upset That None Of His Teammates Wanted Dwyane Wade


When Kyrie Irving declared for a trade near the beggining of summer, most thought it was the beggining of the end for the Cavaliers. Without their second-best star, and the guy that helped shape the organization when LeBron James left in 2010.

When all the dust finally cleared, however, the Cavaliers found themselves in a pretty glamorous position. Quickly, though, Cleveland began to show weaknesses on both ends as the season progressed. Calling in reinforcements was pretty much a given to a team with such high expectations.


Mandatory Credit: Photo by AP/REX/Shutterstock (9165213d)

So when Dwyane Wade tagged along for the ride after his buyout with the Bulls, we assumed there was a lot of satisfaction and favor from basically everyone involved. In reality, unfortunately, reports indicate that most Cavaliers players were not too enthusiastic about the signing. Vie the Athletic, LeBron James himself talked about his freidn's reception in the locker room, and how it bothered him on a personal note:

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“There was a couple guys with it,” James said. “But it wasn’t a lot.”

“I still know what he’s capable of doing. Why wouldn’t you want another guy in the locker room that brings a championship mentality and a guy who can still play?” James said. “So, of course, it bothered me, but f*** it. It is what it is.”

The fact Wade wasn’t openly embraced at first bothered James, who's played with the veteran shooting for 4 seasons in Miami. Obviously, the two have become pretty good friends now, giving Wade a natural leg-up over his fellow Cavs teammates - at least, when it comes to LeBron.

The reason why Dwyane wasn't well received upon his arrival in Cleveland is not entirely known. Maybe they were sour about an "old man" taking up their minutes? Maybe there was a bitterness and jealousy toward Wade regarding his relationship with LeBron.

Either way, the story adds an interesting narrative to the Cavs up-and-down season so far.