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Report: LeBron James Plans To Leave The Cavs After This Upcoming Season


Things have gone from bad to worse in Cleveland.

Just a few weeks after Kyrie Irving's shocking trade request, things quickly blew up. Reports of dysfunction and discord between Kyrie and LeBron began to surface as the Cavaliers' situation continued to decline.

None of those, however, are as bad as the newest report on LeBron James. According to Chris Sheridan of ESPN, this is '100%' LeBron's final season in Cleveland.

Keep in mind that Chris Sheridan was the one who first reported LeBron was leaving Miami to come back to Cleveland. With that, it's fair to say that this report can be taken seriously. So if you thought "The Decision" was bad, you should prepare for what's to come next summer.

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Sheridan also mentions that his relationship with the owners is "beyond repair," likely meaning that things have been heated for a while. With everything else that's gone on lately, it was probably the last straw for LeBron.

If you thought "The Decision" was bad, you may not be prepared for what's to come next summer.

As far as where LeBron wishes to go next summer is still a matter of debate. While the Lakers have made a lot of noise in recent weeks, there has been no official announcement.

With LeBon's departure all but a certainty now, what's next for Cleveland? All they can do is hope they can find enough young pieces to keep their team intriguing. Either way, though, it looks as if the Eastern Conference hierarchy is changing for good. Nothing can change that fact the Cavs are losing the best player in the world - for the second time, and they won't even have Kyrie Irving to help them through it.

The Decision 2.0 is on it's way, and it's going to take the NBA by storm.