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Report: LeBron James Leaked Kyrie Irving's Trade Request To Reporters


The news of Kyrie Irving's trade request almost broke the internet last week, and considering it's been rumored Kyrie has wanted to be traded since mid-June, it's a wonder the news was only announced a few days ago.

Until now.

According to Stephen A. Smith, one of the most well-known NBA insiders, Kyrie thinks LeBron's crew (e.g. agent) leaked the trade request to media members.

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With the relationship between Irving and James seemingly perfect up until last week, this is big news.

If it is true, why would LeBron want it known Kyrie wants out of Cleveland? Perhaps he's trying to set up his own departure from the Cavs?

Irving reportedly wants a trade so he can become the first option on an offense for another team. Despite this reason, Uncle Drew put up career-highs in points and shooting percentage, averaging 25.2 PPG with 5.8 APG, shooting 47.3% from the field on his way to a third consecutive Finals appearance.

Kyrie also announced his four most desirable destinations for him to land in if the Cavs do trade him, including New York, San Antonio, Minnesota and Miami.

Judging by recent reports, Irving and James' relationship must have been souring since their Finals loss to the Warriors this past season, as Kyrie's decision to request a trade is extremely peculiar considering the success he's had with LeBron on his squad.