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Report: LeBron James Is "Frustrated" With The Cavaliers


Reports around the league have been hinting for weeks now that LeBron James could be bolting the Cavs next summer. A myriad of teams have been connected to possibly acquiring the superstar.

Even with all the speculation though, who really believes LeBron will leave again? So far, it's still widely believed that he'll end up staying.

But now a new report close to LeBron James claims that he is unhappy with how the Cavs offseason has gone this summer, which could point to his departure next year.

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(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

So far, the Cavaliers' only notable offseason acquisition has been Jeff Green, who is far from a star at this point in his career. Aside from that, they let their GM David Griffin go and have yet to find a replacement. The Cavs, it seems, are headed for a downhill path.

With competition growing around them, and them failing to add some additional pieces only means the path for another Championship will get harder. LeBron wants to win, and Cleveland's time could very well be up.

While it's still a long shot he'll leave come 2018, his unhappiness with this summers agenda is no doubt making Cleveland sweat. Los Angeles, Chicago, and even San Antonio could provide new opportunities for The King to win his next ring.

With new evidence hyping up LBJ's departure, should we prepare for a decision 3.0?