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Report: LeBron James' Free-Agency Wish List Has Been Revealed


The 2017/18 season is coming to an end faster than most can catch up. Over these past few months, so much has happened to the NBA landscape, many don't even know the half of it. Although many of those storylines have ended now, one monumental game-changing narrative has yet to unfold: the Decision, Act III.

In 2010 we saw the world get turned upside down when LeBron James announced his plans to join the Miami Heat in a move that might go down as one of the most monumental in modern basketball history. Four years later, we saw LeBron light up the headlines again, only this time it was to return to the place he had left all those years ago... home.

And now, with July fastly approaching, we once again stand at a point where LeBron James controls the landscape. While the world awaits the day of the announcement, many have speculated on where this latest LeBron decision might lead.

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True, there's no way to know what team he'll choose until he decides to announce it to the world. But in a report by Kevin O'Connor of The Ringer, we at least know what teams he won't choose. According to O'Connor, James is currently only considering the Cavs, Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets, and Philadelphia 76ers as potential landing spots next season. Meaning other teams outside this list thought to have had a chance (Miami, San Antonio, Golden State), will almost certainly not be bringing in LBJ this summer.

As far as which of the four destinations James is leaning towards the most, we haven't got an answer on that just yet. Most likely, though, that will depend on what happens between now and June.